Natalie Imbruglia talks about a world of 7 billion

26 October, 2011

Natalie Imbruglia, singer, actress and spokesperson for Virgin Unite and the Campaign to End Fistula contributed to DFID blog today, talking about a world of 7 billion:

"This month, the seven billionth human being will be born. It may be a baby boy or a baby girl, it will probably be born in the developing world, and chances are good that this baby's mother will suffer complications or even a severe birth injury like obstetric fistula. Up to 45,000 women do, every day."

In the blog, Natalie mentions her travels to fight fistula in several countries and how deeply touched she was by the stories of so many women who live with the condition.

"Fistula can be prevented by delaying the age of a girl's first pregnancy and with basic maternal health care, including family planning and skilled care at birth... As our seven billionth fellow citizen comes into this world, I hope we will all think about that baby and stand together to care for its mother and mothers everywhere."

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