A medical team at Al Thawara Hospital successfully treated Shaima's obstetric fistula. © UNFPA Yemen
21 May, 2018 SANA’A, Yemen – Shaima, 20, has experienced more than her share of suffering. Displaced by conflict, she was married off at 14, then endured pregnancy after pregnancy before her body was ready. She developed devastating complications in childbirth, including an obstetric fistula  – a traumatic...
Pregnancy assessed by a midwife during an antenatal home visit.
10 April, 2018 THAPANGTHONG, Lao People’s Democratic Republic – “Just lie still and relax. Breathe slowly,” midwife Khoun Keobouttavong told Out, 30. Out was laying on the floor of her small stilt house in the southern Thapangthong District of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Ms. Keobouttavong pressed a...
Merhawit Mezgebe says members of her girls' club are helping to stamp out child marriage. © UNFPA Ethiopia/Abraham Gelaw
8 February, 2018 KOLLA TEMBEIN, Ethiopia – Not long ago, the sight of a 10-year-old bride was a common occurrence in Ethiopia’s Kolla Tembein District, said Daniel Hagos, the district’s chief administrator.  But the community’s women and girls are mobilizing to change things – and they are seeing enormous success...


Suffering in silence: Obstetric fistula in Asia
Suffering in silence: Obstetric fistula in Asia