Report on fistula campaign in South Sudan

No. of pages: 4

Publication date: 2012



A recent report highlights the results of the Fistula Campaign launched in South Sudan and assesses maternal health infrastructure in the world’s newest country, where maternal mortality and disabilities associated with childbirth are a serious public health issue.

The report outlines an assessment by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and UNFPA to help determine the effectiveness of the maternal health infrastructure in South Sudan and understand the underlying causes and factors linked to fistula.

The Campaign's overall objective was to reduce the backlog of fistula cases, create awareness of the disability among the general population and advocate for more recognition and funding from governments and donors to fight fistula in the country.
Read Obstetric Fistula Campaign in South Sudan 2012 report

Photo by UNFPA/Shamalla