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20 February, 2015

Husbands support brings hope to fistula survivors in Mozambique

At a crowded waiting area outside the operation room at the Nampula Central Hospital in Northern Mozambique, women and girls waiting in line to be treated for obstetric fistula are accompanied by their husbands, brothers and fathers.

10 February, 2015

Fistula survivor mobilizes her community to promote maternal health in the most remote areas of Daikundi

"I was scared and did not understand what was going on", says 28 year-old Basgul, a Family Health Action Group member in Sangan, one of the most remote villages in Daikundi province.

3 February, 2015

Campaign in South Sudan seeks lasting solutions

Wau, South Sudan – It seemed like the cards were stacked against Regina Awol Deng. She was forced to leave school when she was 7 years old, and to marry when she was just a teenager. She found herself pregnant at 17. And when she developed life-threatening complications, she was far from the nearest hospital with no...

27 January, 2015

Nepal's 'poor woman's problem': how obstetric fistula blights lives

Nepal moves forward to end the dreadful condition.

Read the feature in The Guardian.


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