7 January, 2016

From survivor to ambassador of change

N’DJAMENA, Chad – Like many child brides, Micheline Yotoudjim suffered terribly after she was married. She was married off at age 14, became pregnant at 16, and then experienced a prolonged, obstructed labour. Her baby was eventually delivered through a Caesarean section, but died four days later.

25 November, 2015

16 girls, 16 stories of resistance

Manira Sanoussi, 14, is one of them. Her Action for Adolescent Girls mentor convinced her parents to call off the wedding. Girls who become pregnant while physically immature are more likely to develop obstetric fistula in childbirth.

18 November, 2015

A step forward in preventing fistula

The Government of Nepal has unveiled its first-ever competency-based training manuals on fistula and pelvic organ prolapse as well as a clinical protocol on gender-based violence.

2 November, 2015

Finding the courage to speak out

“I have been dead for 30 years, but today I will start living again.” These heartbreaking words were spoken by Susan Nyambura, 53, as she waited for her turn to go into theatre for a fistula repair operation at Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.


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